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Meeting with four people at an oblong table with a dark marbled tabletop. From the back left to the front right, a woman in a sleeveless blouse and white pants, a gentleman with short blond hair and glasses sitting opposite her, and in the foreground on the left Burkhard Witter - CEO of Forum - and a gentleman with dark short hair are seated at the table. The gentlemen are all wearing white shirts. The gentleman with the short dark hair sits on the right side in the foreground and turns to the other participants to show them something on the black iPad in his left hand. Other iPads and notebooks are spread out on the table.

Our Holdings

29 companies - over 1,200 employees

At present FORUM is involved in 29 companies, their turnover ranges from 2 - 28 million euros per year.
Our group employs more than a thousand people, including about fifty trainees, and is growing at a good double-digit rate.

Of the 29 companies, fourteen are number one or two in their industry in terms of profitability.
Our focus industries are: Software - Water & Fluid Management - Healthcare - Other

This focus allows us to apply our experience and expertise in succession planning specifically to family businesses in these industries.

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