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Picture of parents helping a child to walk to illustrate the aid projects of Forum's holdings.

Aid projects

Aid projects

With our aid projects, we want to make a small contribution from our profits to alleviate emergency situations somewhat. In doing so, we pay attention to a connection to what our companies and employees do and the efficiency of the use of funds - what does it cost, what does it bring?

Our participations regularly sponsor aid projects, e.g. the local hospital ward for paediatric oncology or for an employee who has got into an emergency situation through no fault of his own. The commitment of our employees is important to us, so we can ensure an efficient use of funds.

FORUM Family Office finances the development of MiracleFeet in Peru

MicacleFeet - the aid project in Peru has now officially started. 2 million children live with the pain and stigma of untreated clubfoot, a condition that affects at least 1 in 800 children worldwide. MiracleFeet's mission is to create universal access to treatment for this most common cause of physical disability worldwide.
By working with local health workers and organisations, cost-effective solutions can be brought to the children who need them today and for generations to come. FORUM Family Office is part of this support. Read more...

Two firemen who evaluate and use the product as customers of a software participation
A child in treatment at the Pelican House supported by FORUM

Aid projects on site

Edgar Schall sponsors a youth sports club in the area and one of our employees takes over the training.

Mednet GmbH has contributed to the financing of the Pelikanhaus, which accommodates the relatives of patients of the Clemensspital children's hospital. Read more...

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