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Central in the picture is the tree trunk with its roots in the lower part of the picture and its green branches in the upper part of the picture. The tree is in a forest and in the background you can see other trees.


Central principles for forum Family Office

Our principles - long-term, decentralised and entrepreneurial - are the compass for the decisions we make every day, the priorities we set and the people we surround ourselves with. FORUM's employees follow these principles, and the employees in our shareholdings integrate them into the DNA of their own companies.

Centrally in the middle of the picture is an old oak tree in a clearing. This is illuminated by the sun and is thus the focus of the image. The trees around it are all in the shade. This is to represent the long-term approach, since oaks need a long time to develop their deep roots.


As a family office, we have a capital base that is permanent: we don't have to turn over assets, we don't have maturities - our mandate is to grow the family's capital base in perpetuity while avoiding risk.

That is why we assume that every investment will be held permanently. In family equity, our holding period is de facto permanent - the last sale was in 1999. In equities, we part with investments somewhat more easily because the company is not affected.

Because we hold our investments for the long term, we support all plans to strengthen the companies in the long term. That is why we train and invest in innovations.


We are convinced that decentralised leadership with delegation of responsibility is the best way to keep companies agile: it creates motivated employees, and they are the most important asset - even if it doesn't show up on the balance sheet!

Decentralisation is most successful when combined with a leadership culture that gives employees clear expectations of their roles and goals.

The central element of the image is a collection of sailing ships with white sails off the coast of the mainland. This can be recognized in the background by its green hills. The individual sailing ships stand for themselves as their own decentralized unit and as part of a group. This symbolically reflects Forum's striving for decentralized leadership.
The black and white image shows a portrait of the founder of Apple - Steve Jobs. He is placed in the center of the picture and looks into the camera. He has his left hand placed on his chin and is wearing round glasses and a black turtleneck sweater. The man in the picture also has short hair and a three-day beard.


The first two principles are rather preserving - the third principle "entrepreneurial" - describes our concern that our companies belong to the best in their industry. If necessary, we bring a lot of experience in "best practice" from many sectors to this. We expect our investments to grow at least 5 percentage points faster than the market and thus gain market share - this is an objective way for our clients to confirm that we are well positioned.  

Picture of founder Stephan Hauber of HSH Software GmbH
"We deliberately chose FORUM as HSH's strategic partner because this is the best way for us to guarantee important principles such as reliability, longevity and also our own identity as a medium-sized company and carry them into the future. Reliability and a long-term approach were significant features of our discussions with Dr Wittek"

Stephan Hauber (Founder HSH Software GmbH)

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