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We have set up our application process in such a way that we want to exclude the risk of disappointment on both sides as much as possible. In addition to the classic personality traits, we primarily look for a strong understanding of business models and business in a wide range of industries, ambition and a willingness to learn a lot. To do this, we combine a number of different methods that shed light on as many different aspects of our applicants as possible.
During the process, you will have a personal mentor who will be happy to provide you with information about the process steps and answer any other questions you may have. The entire application process should not take more than 4 weeks.

Graph of the application process illustrated in Job Application with evaluation questionnaires, exploratory interview, tests and structured interview
Application documents and CV evaluations of applicants

Application documents

We carefully review your application documents and look for clues as to whether we are a good match. We continue to be big fans of a well thought-out cover letter that addresses the specific requirements of the position.


We use up to three test procedures depending on the position: We want to measure how strong your "business sense" is and what kind of personality you have. All tests have been developed specifically for FORUM with the help of psychologists.

Applicant for Forum Family Office writing a test for a job application
Forum applicants at an interview with employees


We conduct two staggered interviews where we want to learn more about you and give you the opportunity to understand everything about FORUM and what we expect from you. If you live in the Munich area, we'd like to conduct both live - we're old-fashioned about that too - if you're coming from further away, the first exploratory interview is via video conference, the in-depth interview is live in any case. At the second interview you also get to know your future colleagues.

"Hire for Personality,
Train for Skills"

- Herb Kelleher, Founder Southwest Airlines

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