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SoftTec again awarded double goldSoftTec again awarded double gold

SoftTec again awarded double gold

April 19, 2023
SoftTec again awarded double gold

Tophotel Star Awards in Gold and Bronze for SoftTec

The innovative strength of SoftTec GmbH from Sonthofen has once again been awarded gold at this year's Tophotel Star Awards 2023.

With their products they could be happy about two gold medals and one bronze medal.

The award, presented by Tophotel in cooperation with Hotel+Technik, honors the most innovative products and services in the hotel satisfaction industry. The winners are determined by reader voting after the nominees have been selected by a jury of experts.

Awards in the categories Efficiency and Software

In the efficiency and software categories, three products won over both the jury and the readers. The "SoftTec Checkin Kiosk" and the "SoftTec Guest App" were each awarded gold. "SoftTec Payment" received the bronze award.

SoftTec Checkin Kiosk

The SoftTec check-in kiosk offers hotel guests the possibility to check in completely contact- and staff-free - at any time of the day or night. They are thus flexible and have the opportunity to arrive independently of opening hours and staff on site.

This modern solution saves hoteliers a great deal of manual effort and staff deployment.

This way, they create maximum efficiency and freedom for guests and their team.

SoftTec Guest App

The SoftTec guest app serves as a digital travel companion and supports travelers in organizing their booking themselves. The app accompanies them along the entire guest journey fully automatically with all necessary information. After booking, guests receive a link to their data and can view all booking information at any time and from any device via the web application. They receive information about the hotel, can pay directly online and check in. By taking care of their guests digitally, regardless of time, hoteliers relieve their staff and increase their revenue potential.

SoftTec Payment

SoftTec Payment offers a modern technology for cashless payment transactions. Together with the hotline hotel software, they create the greatest possible integration and automation here for maximum efficiency. With Payment, customers have a professional, secure solution while meeting the high demands of contemporary payment options. They maintain their cash flow and ensure the reduction of manual errors.