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SmartCloud meeting with the software participationsSmartCloud meeting with the software participations

SmartCloud meeting with the software participations

May 22, 2023
SmartCloud meeting with the software participations

The managing directors of the participations from the software industry came together last week for the SmartCloud conference to share their experiences and best practices regarding the way to the cloud. The event provided a platform for knowledge sharing and networking between the Forum participations and the companies BlueBerk, StepAhead and sevantage.

In three guest presentations, BlueBerk, StepAhead, sevantage presented their path to the cloud to the participants - and the associated learnings.

One of our participations - SoftDeCC - also shared its experience. The focus: the use of a global template when using cloud solutions.

In the other presentations, the participants gained insights into various implementation approaches. For example, the development of a web solution based on commercial platforms. StepAhead reported on the introduction of low-code development platforms for digitization and application development in companies.

During the course of the conference, the participants and speakers also exchanged views on the do's and don'ts in the development of cloud architectures.

The insights offered by the presentations enable our participations to learn from proven approaches and solutions and to develop them further for themselves.

In the concluding discussion round, not only were the managing directors of our portfolio companies able to get to know each other and exchange best practices, but they were also able to discuss the next steps.