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HSH Software acquires 100% of CBG SoftwareHSH Software acquires 100% of CBG Software

HSH Software acquires 100% of CBG Software

March 8, 2021
HSH Software acquires 100% of CBG Software

Transaction message

HSH Software acquires 100% of CBG Software

HSH Soft- und Hardware Vertriebs GmbH ("HSH"), a FORUM Family Office company, has acquired 100% of the shares in CBG Computerberatungs-Gesellschaft mbH ("CBG"), based in Schwerin, as part of the entrepreneurial succession.

Like HSH, CBG is active in the field of software solutions for specialised procedures in municipalities and districts, especially for the commercial, motor vehicle and driving licence sectors. In 2020, the turnover was approx. € 1.1 million. The acquisition is intended to further expand HSH's position in these procedures. In future, HSH will offer both specialist procedures in the Classic version and on the basis of the innovative VOIS platform.

For the customers, there is thus a clear perspective for securing the future of their investment in this software as well as professional support. Furthermore, CBG is to act as a strong pillar of HSH in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The founder Mr. Dieter Lungershausen is available for a transitional period to ensure continuity, especially for all customers. His comment:  

"CBG is now under the umbrella of HSH, one of the leading providers of specialised municipal. HSH belongs to the FORUM Group, a long-term investor. In the sales process, it very soon became clear to me that in HSH I had found a partner whose way of working corresponds to our way of dealing with customers. I deliberately chose HSH and the FORUM Group as partners so that CBG can continue to grow successfully and be there for its clients in the years to come. Continuity has always been particularly important to me.“

The acquisition of CBG is the first success in our efforts to make bolt-on acquisitions for HSH as a relatively new investment. For HSH, we continue to look for software manufacturers for the public sector with a turnover of € 500 thousand or more.