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FORUM Family Office acquires 100% of MRUT GmbHFORUM Family Office acquires 100% of MRUT GmbH

FORUM Family Office acquires 100% of MRUT GmbH

March 21, 2024
FORUM Family Office acquires 100% of MRUT GmbH

FORUM Family Office ("FORUM") has acquired 100% of the shares in MRUT GmbH, based in Pforzheim, via its industry holding company FORUM Water I GmbH. The company generates sales of around € 3 million with approx. 12 employees. The company is growing by 10 - 15% p.a.

The roots of MRUT go back to 1972. Under the two managing directors Uwe Hill and Carsten Nehls, the company has developed into an efficient plant manufacturer in the field of water treatment. MRUT masters the entire value chain of plastic-based plant construction, especially engineering, automation technology/control cabinet construction and sophisticated special tank construction. One focus is on the treatment and prevention of electroplating or anodizing waste water.

MRUT expands FORUM's existing water technology group to 8 companies. Approaches for closer cooperation are emerging in particular with our subsidiary cobos Fluid Services GmbH in wastewater treatment for industrial customers and Nutricon in wastewater chemistry for sewage treatment plants. As always, FORUM's continuation concept provides for the existing corporate strategy to be retained in all key aspects. In our planning, we will invest in the development of a second qualified management level in order to be able to manage further growth. The location will remain permanent and we warmly welcome all employees to the FORUM Group!

The two managing directors have expressed the wish to concentrate fully on the business and their customers and to withdraw from administrative activities. In this respect, Dennis Bernhardt - also Managing Director of cobos - will take over the role of Managing Director at MRUT.

The two founders comment on their decision as follows:

"The entry of a strong industry partner was the safest way for us to further increase the economic success of MRUT. In the FORUM water technology group, we have found an ideal environment and, in cobos Fluid Services, the ideal partner for growth and innovation. We are looking forward to the synergies, the cooperation and to leveraging the great potential of this connection together!"

‍BurkhardWittek from FORUM sees this case as an entry into a new field:

"Uwe Hill and Carsten Nehls are the tip of an iceberg of medium-sized entrepreneurs who love their business but are "fed up" with the growing flood of bureaucracy in Germany: DSGVO, ESG, ISO, BG, Environmental Agency etc etc. We have defined a solution in which another company takes over the bulk of the administration - so that the founders can get back to doing what they became entrepreneurs for: Customers and business. At the same time, their company remains fully self-sufficient - because FORUM is decentralized. And it remains a family business."

FORUM invests the assets of a Munich family in medium-sized companies. FORUM's principles in the area of family equity are: permanent, decentralized, entrepreneurial - quite different from financial investors. This approach has already persuaded more than 30 entrepreneurs to entrust FORUM with their life's work.

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