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Forum Family Office - the team you trust

FORUM Family Office has been managing the assets of a Munich family since 1997. FORUM's investment strategy is 100% focused on corporate investments: we invest exclusively in listed and private companies, which is where our expertise lies.

Listed companies are usually more developed and help us to develop lessons for our family equity investments.

Conversely, our deep insight into our family equity investments helps us identify companies that have retained their mid-market agility.

FORUM has no clients.

Forum Managing Director Burkhard Wittek and medium-sized entrepreneur shake hands after company takeover.
Small office building which provides Forum's experience in private equity and family equity

Family Equity

Here, we invest in privately owned small and medium enterprises and take them to the next level.

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Large office building illustrating FORUM's commitment to value investing in a value fund and equity investment.

Value investing

Here we invest in listed medium-sized companies from Europe that are market leaders in their niches.

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Family offices as long-term investors

FORUM is part of a growing number of European family offices investing in companies - on the right we have listed a selection of leading European family offices with an industrial background. The origin is usually a large company of their own, which pays dividends or has been sold.

Family Offices invest for the next generation of the family, i.e., in decades instead of quarters. Their capital is permanent. Biontech and Curevac are both investments of German family offices - hardly any other investor would have had such staying power!

Family offices work "from person to person": they know from their origin companies that employees are the essential capital and work on the basis of trust and handshake quality.

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A collection of industry-based family offices in which families can invest.

Forum Family Office Principles


As a family office, we have a capital base that is permanent. FORUM therefore always initially assumes that it will hold an investment permanently.


The basis of the cooperation between our investments and us is trust. We are open, direct, do not play politics and lead in an extremely decentralised way.


We have ambitious goals for our investments and want to be at the forefront. Because it secures jobs, increases the value of the companies and is fun.


Shareholding in Therasoft GmbH from Austria

Shareholding in Therasoft GmbH from Austria

The founders of Therasoft GmbH (product name: "Therapsy") Eric Vollenweider and Florian Leitner sold their company today to a consortium of Forum Family Office and an entrepreneurial successor for the operational business management. Eric and Florian founded Therapsy in J

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FORUM Family Office acquires 100% of Tiger Filtration Ltd. from England

FORUM Family Office acquires 100% of Tiger Filtration Ltd. from England

FORUM Family Office ("FORUM") has acquired 100% of the shares of Tiger Filtration Ltd. ("Tiger"), based in Sunderland, England.

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FORUM Family Office takes over 100% of epias GmbH

FORUM Family Office takes over 100% of epias GmbH

FORUM Family Office ("FORUM") has acquired 100% of the shares of epias GmbH based in Idstein im Taunus ("epias") through its industry holding FORUM Software Mittelstandsholding SE.

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central concern


Because we think in terms of generations, sustainable management is a matter of concern to us. We define sustainable management as giving the resources we use the opportunity to renew themselves or even grow. In other words, we want to give something back. In doing so, we focus on the environment, our services to customers and our employees.

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Central in the picture is the tree trunk with its roots in the lower part of the picture and its green branches in the upper part of the picture. The tree is in a forest and in the background you can see other trees.

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